Veteran in need of a complete house wash.

Veteran in need of a complete house wash.

Recently a gentleman called for a quote to get his house soft washed and driveway cleaned in Hilliard,Florida

I was able to give him a quote over the phone that included his discount for being a Veteran. Pending there wasn’t any unforeseen extra work needed. My helper and I showed up at 4 pm as scheduled. Met with the homeowner. We did a complete walkthrough of the job. We discovered the exterior was in much greater need of cleaning than he or i had anticipated. The owner explained he had not been in town for a few years and the maintenance had not been kept up. He stated he was preparing to sell. I told him we would get it done and made no promises as to the outcome but we would give it our best.

We immediately got work on the shed at the rear of the property then moved on to the house. Some parts took a couple applications of chemicals to bring the exterior back to is glory. Before I knew it the sun was going down and we still had a driveway to surface clean. We quickly applied the cleaning chemicals to the driveway and got busy cleaning the driveway. I looked up to see the owner walking around the house admiring our work. The huge smile on his face told me all i needed to know. We rolled up the last hose about 9:30 pm. The Customer came over to shake our hands and thank us for restoring his home to something he could now easily sell for a greater price than anticipated. After a long hot 5 hour job it felt great to be able to work a little harder to give back to a Veteran

Service provided: House Washing

Location: Hilliard, FL

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